5 reasons why EdTech is a good idea for your career choice

  • By Alina Guzik & Kasia Pruska
  • Published on May 17

Developers, here’s a list of reasons why EdTech is a good career for you!  

EdTech is booming. If you haven’t read our text on 10 reasons why EdTech is growing so fast, check it out here <LINK>.

With this boom comes a great explosion of new and remote EdTech jobs. Many of you will sooner or later be approached by an EdTech company or their Recruitment partner with a job offer. 

Is it worth considering?

What motivates you?

Nelson Mandela once uttered a sentence that should be written on the walls of each and every school on the planet: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It takes people out of poverty; it saves lives and prevents wars. And why are we saying this? 

When you choose your employer, there is a variety of factors you take into consideration.

We’ve asked a few techies and here’s what they say:

Marta Szmit - Front-end developer

Michał Dudziński 

Software developer

So, ask yourself: Is what I am doing important? Are the results of my work helping anyone? Am I working for an important cause? These questions are even more important now when everything around us is heavily tied to getting richer and possessions. 

Happy to carry on working on ancient code? No, thank you! 

EdTech is young and full of energy. If you are fed up with working on boring solutions for FinTech, or sophisticated ERP systems or repetitive e-commerce projects… and nobody in the team remembers why you are working on the projects and what they are for, look into fresh and innovative EdTech products. 

What’s more, the industry is developing fast so you need to adapt, learn new stuff, and be ready to reinvent learning and teaching experiences. EdTech is great for professional development. You will not be bored, for sure.

Do you think innovations look good in a portfolio?

There are a lot of opportunities for software developers to create impactful tools for education. EdTech is also a sector that empowers innovations and new technologies as one of the first. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality help build laboratories of the future and create immersive worlds where students can visualize concepts and learn new skills. How about learning anatomy to perform complicated surgeries on virtual patients with a fully interactive model or experimenting with chemicals and test tubes without any health risk?

3D printing allows for the creation of historical artifacts, models of molecules, cells, viruses and organs, as well as architectural projects or mathematical solutions.

With artificial intelligence, one can build personalized learning paths and provide students with valuable feedback about their strengths and weaknesses.

Affective computing recognizes students’ emotions and adapts the methods and techniques of teaching to how students feel. 

Blockchain revolutionizes the way students are assessed and it helps to ensure the data safety of millions of students around the world. 

IoT products are used to create intelligent campuses.

The fusion of learning and gaming? It’s no surprise, that children are natural players. If we can teach them something useful while they have fun – let’s do it! Gamification of education is the future.

EdTech loves innovation. Wouldn’t you like to add some of these to your portfolio?

Recession, depression, crisis? Not in education

For a long time, education had been quite slow in adopting new technologies, but now the EdTech sector is booming. While so many industries have been struggling to survive the pandemic, EdTech firms have been recruiting hard.

Education technology has flourished due to the pandemic and is one of the safest career opportunities that offers, among others, financial stability! A lot of companies are expanding and investing in the latest digital technologies that can enhance learning experience. They are innovators, distributors of digital textbooks, platform providers or SaaS companies supporting K12 education or lifelong learning. Since all the solutions for remote and online education need to work seamlessly and they highly depend on technological infrastructure, there is a growing demand for talent in the sector. The growth is predicted to be sustainable.

So, are you ready to start your EdTech job hunt?

Alina Guzik

Kasia Pruska